Friday, 23 July 2010

Yoga blog is no more

Probably no-one noticed, but I killed off my yoga blog. Well, I didn't really kill it off, I just stopped writing and hid it from view. It's funny, I thought that because I love writing, I'd like writing about anything, but with the yoga it just wasn't happening. It's not that I've stopped doing yoga, far from it, I'm doing it 3-4.5 hours per week - yes lazy old me is somehow managing to do that! I think the real reason is that I just couldn't think of what to say and my posts were looking something like this: day 1 - 'Ok, today I did yoga and I couldn't touch my toes', day 2 - 'Err, I still can't touch my toes...', day 3 - and so on.... You get the picture. I don't know what I was expecting in so little time! So for the moment, I'd rather practise it and not write about it. While I mightn't have made huge leaps in terms of yoga, I'm doing a bit better with my blogging. I love technology, but I'm kind of clumsy with it. However, thanks to all the lovely people on line who share their blogging knowledge with their more ludditic peers, I am slowly picking up little ways of improving the blog, like the post signature I've just added. If you'd like add one and don't know how (and you're using the blogger platform) here's a tool I found really helpful. Happy blogging (and reading) :-)


buday said...

This reminds me of my long-gone blog about my home organizing efforts. I spent much time blogging about and taking pictures of the clutter that I was left with no time to do anything about it, yargs. What I thought would motivate me became counter-productive. So I killed it.
The house looks better.
So don't worry about your yoga blog and go touch those toes. :)

Nadya said...

Wow, you had a blog about home-organising? That's just what I need in order to name and shame myself into being tidier! Thanks for the encouragement!

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