Thursday, 8 July 2010

What's your one thing to do in Madrid?

Sometimes, living here, I forget that Madrid rocks! In this video, Charley Boorman (of 'Long Way Round' fame - that series where he travels the world by motorbike with Ewan Macgreggor) shares his pick of the city's delights - courtesy of Amex. It's a short clip but it shows the Palacio Real, the Retiro park, the Templo de Debod (a real Egyptian temple given to Spain by the Egyptian authorities in the 60's) plus the bear and strawberry statue - it actually explains the story behind what has always seemed to me like quite an odd symbol for a city - but hey, if Rome can have two kids suckling a she-wolf then I guess anything goes.

I won't tell you what his 'one thing to do' in Madrid is, but check it out and see if you agree :-)


Lee said...

favorite thing in Madrid, and especially if I visit other cities? Visit the local traditional market. Check out the prices, see which ones still have the casqueria, have products for the immigrant market, amuse myself with the goods and prices at the ones in posh neighborhoods like Mercado La Paz in Barrio Salamanca, gaze at the sheer size of Mercado Maravillas (or at least the height of the ceiling). I came here 20 years ago when getting a lime, a mango, soy sauce, lettuce that wasn't leathery Romaine or pasta that wasn't Gallo Macaronis meant a trip to the Corte Ingles (shudder). Now Anton Martin has a sushi stand, tropical fruits are all over the place (check out Mercado Mostenses)etc. Also, if you make it to Valencia, go to the Central Market there. It makes La Boqueria in Barcelona look like a highway rest stop ( and I love La Boqueria, mind you.)

Like your blog. Keep it up!

Nadya - said...

Hi Lee, I really like your insights into Spain's markets - perhaps you should write a blog too - no pressure ;-) I'm ashamed to say I've never gone to markets much until recently, and now that I do I can't believe that I've been missing out on such an enjoyable (and potentially cheap) pastime for all these years! I'm not sure what my one thing to do in Madrid would be, a few years ago I would said to spend Sunday driking mojitos en La Latina, but alas the years are getting to me and nowadays I prefer something a bit more 'tranqui' :-)

rachel said...

thanks for the video! you are getting me excited about moving there. I come August 15,. I don't have a place to live yet. Also, I love bears!

Nadya - said...

You are going to love Madrid - even if it's a bit hot in August! There are some street fiestas going on in the La Latina neighbourhood in the centre just after 15 August I think 'fiestas de la paloma' so if you're not too jetlagged you should go to them. Also, for accomodation try and the online expat magazine I'm not around in August, but if you need someone to show you around in September (or any help) drop me a line :-) x

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