Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Photos and things

I've finally worked out how to get my photos on here again, so here are some embroidery pics (with hindsight, cupcakes are better than Chinese fish), the cyclamen which I've miraculously managed not to kill, and the beautiful beautiful teapot that Catherine bought be for my birtday :-)

Monday, 6 October 2008

This weekend I had som of my Ex-OUP friends over for dinner. I did the usual psuedo-Arabic repertoire(Sp?) and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Was really nice to catch up with them and we ended up drinking mojitos (expertly made by Amaya) until about three in the morning... We must do it more often! I don't think I've mentioned - I've been embroidering - I would have been the perfect Victorian lady (apart from my Sudanese background :-)). I have taken to carefully stitching kitschly coloured cupcakes onto napkins, so relaxing, and they say embroidery is the new knitting - so I'm sure groups of cool people (not me) will be sitting round in cafes in Chueca eating brunch and dropping their applique into their eggs benedict (nooooo!). Will post a photo of said napkins (for whose benefit I don't know) as soon as I find my media card.
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