Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Running tops

The sheer amount of stuff happening in my life at the moment mean I haven't done a yoga class in a while. My body feels stiff and cranky and in need of a good stretch. I haven't been completely idle these past weeks though, as thanks to David I've taken up running. Yes, me, running. It's something I always thought I'd be totally crap at, but surprisingly in just a couple of weeks (and 4 sessions) I've got up to 5km. Not exactly a marathon I know, but it's a start. Image conscious as ever, I've noticed that I feel much better jogging in D's figure-hugging dri-fit leggings than my own baggy junkie-style tracksuit bottoms. Despite my supposed 'busyness' I've managed to find the time to browse the web in search of stylish ladies running gear - namely tops as I'd rather wear some plain leggins on my bottom half - I'm too lanky to look good in bootleg.

I love this Alpine top from Lululemon, the colour and the fit are just gorgeous and I think the hole in the hood for your pony tail is ingenious - no more ponytail scrunched into a ball and no more looking like a boy when you have your hood up. Sorry the other thumbnails pics are so small.

Equally gorgeous but a little more spring-timey is this option from Sweaty Betty...

And now, something that even body-conscious old moi would find too daring to run in but that is undeniably very sexy, this Stella McCartney top for Adidas...

And for summer in beige from Sweaty Betty - wouldn't it look nice with a tan?

For some reason I actually believe these tops will make me run faster...I just need to find out where to get them in Spain.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Bits and bobs

I'm a wee bit stressed at the moment (in a good way). I've recently been promoted at work and I'm finishing off my old job and starting the new one and trying to do my best in both. Also I seem to have a tonne of personal bits and pieces to do - arranging my visa and jabs for my trip to Sudan in December, kidney doctor appointments here and there, friends and family that I feel I haven't paid enough attention to recently and fights with the evil telecoms company 'telefónica' who seem to be intent on robbing me of every last penny I own.

Anyway, enough ranting! I just wanted to share this link (sourced via SwissMiss):
Tapi - I think this is ingenious! (no more dribbly slurping from ones hand - I know, I know, civilised peolple have glass cups for this kind of thing...)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


¡Que morro! (what a cheek) I disappear from my blog for over a week and return only to write a post about knickers. You see since living in Spain, which doesn't have M&S, I have somewhat struggled with the search for reasonably priced yet, ahem, supportive undies. Sometimes it feels like the choice is limitied to a) 60 Euro La Perla panties from El Corte Inglés, b) Pretty bits of lace from H&M or Oysho that fall apart in 2 weeks and offer no flesh resistance whatseover, or c) alternatively paying a visit to one of those curious little shops that has underwear hanging from invisible nylon thread in an elaborate window display - thongs, granny pants and robust brassieres that appear to float and dance whimsically before you very eyes (see photo above for a mild version). The problem with option C is that it takes so damn long to shop there, as once you're in the shop you can't actually have a rummage - everything is neatly stored and stacked in boxes which some kindly señora will allow you to see, but only once she has served the long line of other señoras who are queueing in front of you. Just not convenient. This is post is about knickers, but is also about VPL (Visible Panty Line - sorry boys) - something I despise but find very hard to avoid - even my supposedly no-VPL knickers seem to leave visible lines the size of mountain ranges (ok, I'm exagerrating). Enter R, my VPL-free colleague, who suggested I try Intimissimi's seamless panties. Intimissimi, if you've never seen it, is an Italian brand with a shop near Sol that has revolving mannequins in thongs. Ring a bell? I always thought it was a little over-priced, but desperate for a smooth rear, I decided to give it a try this weekend (dragging my boyfried D in with me, poor boy) and check out the goods. I have to say, at first sight the seamless knickers were not that pretty. Because they are genuinley totally seamless they look a little unfinished, and if you go for flesh tones they resemble some sort of old chamois cloth. Not a good look. Anyway after trying them on, I can honestly say they are the MOST comfy and invisible undies I have every worn, and on offer at the moment for 3 pairs for 16e not too bad a buy. Ladies give them a try, but I recommend black to avoid that old-dishcloth look. Available in thong, normal (?) and culotte.

This is the culotte version
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