Sunday, 25 July 2010


Excuse the cheesy headline. Yesterday I went into Sol to see if I could find a few bits and pieces for my Bali trip. Unfortunately everything in the shops was either sales leftovers in huge sizes or the new winter collection. Still, I managed to pick up a couple of longer-term staples, one of them being a watch. I haven't worn a watch for years, they irritate me and being able to constantly check to time on my wrist does nothing for my already slighty highly-strung nature, a couple of posts ago I even banged on about how wearing a watch allowed people to judge you and salesmen to decide how to pitch at you - and then there was my bucket list post where I admitted to coveting a vintage gold Rolex. Watch issues! But yesterday, in El Corté Inglés I kind of fell in love with a tiny black watch from Agatha. I think the reason I like it is that it was just so tiny and cute and simple that it didn't feel like a watch and was more like an elegant little piece of costume jewellery (photo above, which doesn't really do i justice) that would go with everything I wear.

After the watch purchase I was in the mood for more black accessories so I went to my lovely Hakei and picked up this belt :-)

Continuing the theme of black, at my yoga group dinner yesterday I teamed both of the above items with a black strapless dress I bought years ago at Adolfo Dominguez and I found a black Coccinelle bag at the back of my wardrobe that I hadn't worn for years as I thought the strap made it look old fashioned - it had never ocurred to me before to tuck the strap in and turn it into a clutch. Voila! New bag for $000

Ok, enough shallow ramblings about my cool accessories ;P I have to pay homage to the members of my yoga class for yesterday, one of them is an excellent chef  and together with a couple of the students had prepared the most delicious summery meal for us - cold soups - salmorejo (a kind of thick gazpacho) and ajo blanco (almond soup with a touch of garlic) followed by an octopus and lime leaf bulghur wheat salad, Japanese marinated tuna, juicy ribs, then organic raspberryies and muffins to finish off. To die for.


Ashleigh said...

Cute, cute, cute...the belt is my fav..

Nadya said...

I'm not very good at blogging on fashion, but I do love my accessories!!

buday said...

That’s my favorite belt! Well, not that but a similar one (in brown) from Mango. I love it because it’s very …uhh… forgiving --- a huge plus if I also had friends who can cook like that. :)

Anonymous said...

That bag is so classic and still very much current trend! I can't believe it was relegated to the back of your wardrobe! x

Nadya said...

Sayda, remember me buying that 10 years ago at House of Fraser in Nottingham?!

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