Thursday, 20 May 2010

Yoga ho

I'm thinking about cheating on my yoga teacher. In fact, I already have, sort of. She's nice and the studio's so cute but the thing is I find her timetable a bit inflexible as she gives virtually no evening classes. So, when I found out about yoga holistico, and saw that the classes were given by a genuine Hindu monk (is that the right word?) and that they cost a mere 7 euros, yes 7 euros, per class I couldn't help but try it out. So, after a phone conversation with Dada, who was far too charming to be a monk, I went along on Monday for a class. He wasn't there but he had a substitute teacher who was very sweet. I have to admit the 'studio' is a bit tired looking, it's much more rough and ready than my other school, but there was something I liked about it - I felt that the attention was a lot more individualised and that they went into the theory of yoga a bit more. And for 60e a month you can actually do yoga every single day as many times as you like - I like the concept. What's more, every day before yoga is an hour's optional meditation class for which you only have to make a 'small donation', they even sell organic produce and if you give them a ring, you can arrange to go an eat lunch with them. Not sure what to do, I think for the moment I'll keep seeing the both of them and try to enjoy the best of both worlds :-)

And just to say, after a few months of doing it, I am really feeling the benefits of yoga (despite still being ridiculously unflexible) - what I thought would be a mildly fashionable way of getting flexible has turned out to have multiple benefits - my sleep problems are all but gone, I feel really positive, and somehow more 'centred'. I have a long way to go before I'm any good at it, but for now, it's living up to the hype.


rachel said...

I am moving to Madrid in the middle of August and I was curious about yoga classes. I'm glad I found your blog.

Nadya said...

Hi Rachel, hope you enjoy Madrid :-) The yoga places i've posted on are in the centre, but if you are living elswhere give me a shout as I have other recommended studios.

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