Monday, 1 February 2010

Shopping - Hakei

After a month of working pretty hard I needed a bit of retail therapy today and found myself in Hakei on C/Arenal (8). Hakei has stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and the Basque Country but only came to my attention a year or so ago. Think of it as somewhere between Hoss (without the flounces and dramatic edge) and Comptoir des Cotonniers (without the children's range) but around 60% of the price. To be more specific I'd describe Hakei's style as urban, grown up, casual and sexy...but with no flesh on show. Ok, enough with the adjectives, but if we want to think of it in terms of other things I've posted here, think greige , because everything it sells is that colour. One word of warning, a friend who recently bought a top here said it didn't wash that well, but to be honest what really catches my eye in this store are the leather goods; rows and rows of comfortable yet stylish shoes, boots, belts and bags in the softest softest leather, in all shades of buff, grey, taupe and other neutrals which blend well together and with the clothes they sell. In fact I bought a pair of lovely taupe booties there today, so I'll let you know how they wear.


Alex said...

hello :)
i've just discovered this shop in MAdrid...the bags were you have any ideea if t is possible to buy online?


The Wandering StarDust said...

Hello Nadya! Just chanced upon your blog via the Expat Blog website and came across this particular post. I live in Madrid & do like Hakei too. I also bought a pair of shoes from there which I love dearly :)

Nadya said...

Hi! Hakei is great, have just been looking at some really cool stuff there for the summer holidays :-) Alex, sorry but I don't think they sell online :-(

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