Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Celebitchy plastic surgery - have they or haven't they?

About 2 years ago I did a little post on this topic, and suprisingly (or not) it turned out to be one of the most- read items on my blog (according to google :-)) despite not drawing many comments. Anyway, here's another batch. What's the verdict? Have they gone under the knife/or are they simply wearing better, ahem, make up?

Blake Lively

Danni Minogue

Elsa Pataky

Jennifer Garner

Jordan aka Katie Price (ok, this it a trick question)

Kate Winslet

Salma Hayek

And again...

It's easy to sneer at those who've had work done...but, honestly, would you really never, ever, have anything done if you knew it would look natural, had the cash, and there would be no complications? Impossible guarantees of course but I know I personally couldn't promise to NEVER have anything done if it was really getting me down. Deeta Von Teese, who is famously open about her surgery seems to think these procedures are just a more extreme form of make up. Hmm, not sure about that, you're unlikely to kill yourself using make up - then again I did once almost poke my out trying to apply eyeliner while driving (I'm such a bad driver that the possibility of multitasking is a complete no-no).


Anonymous said...

This morning on the way to work I picked up one of those free newspapers, it had a photo of Penelope Cruz on the front. She had crows feet, big ones. It was so nice to see a star ageing gracefully for once.

And no I would never have anything done, not that I´m ideologically against, it but I hate pain too much.

Nadya said...

I saw that photo too - I think she looks great! I couldn't promise I'd never have anything done... but I'd be so scared about not liking it (and I'm so fussy that I think I'd never be happy with the result) that I'd never pluck up the courage!

buday said...

Hahaha, be careful with that eyeliner!

But about your question: hmm, would I? Probably never, but the "advances" in rhinoplasty nowadays (the new noses look so natural!) can definitely give someone pause.

But I can just imagine the pain, ack.

Nadya said...

I wouldn't object that much to a new nose! ...but have perhaps been too traumatized by the whole Michael Jackson thing :-( x

Anonymous said...

I love to see those before and after pictures, they've reinforced my view that this is so common and celebrity beauty should not be compared to the rest of society because of stuff like plastic surgery and having stylists as part of your daily entourage! That being said, if I fixated for years on a feature I hated and it affected my everyday happiness I would consider surgery (money permitting!). Lukily i'm not overly obsessive about my flaws.
Sayd x

Nadya said...

I agree Sayda! I don't object to surgery at all if it makes you feel better - but it doesn't seem fair that we are expected to compare ourself to standards that aren't even real!! That's why admired the fact deeta von teese is honest about the work she's had done :-) xxx

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