Monday, 30 June 2008

Poo dogs

So, if (hypothetically, obviously) I were to get a dog, I might go for a poo variety. Pekapoo? Cockapoo? Maltepoo? Laugh not, these breeds really exist, and are crosses with poodles and other ankle-biting varieties like Pekingese or Maltese. I know these sound like horrible little lap-dogs, but just look how cute they are- the one in the photo is the unfortunately-named Cockapoo - aaawwwwww. One of these would fit so well in my flat (I know it's not a piece of furniture, but you know what I mean).

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Back to work

My smile is partially back and I've been given the OK by the doctor to go back to work. I've still got a long way to go with my recovery (I really hope there is more recovery!) - and the doctors really don't know how much improvement I can expect - especially my eye, which according to the nerve testing is 'an absolute mess'. I have mixed feelings about going back to work - I feel it's a good idea as I was starting to lose touch with my field, but afetr 3 months off it's kind of daunting - especially as it's a new job, new colleagues etc, all of which has to be faced with a wonky face :-/

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Look at the fan mum

Here's my new fan, especially posted for mum to see :-) I thought that in such a small flat where everything is on view even functional objects should be nice to look at.

Daddy cool

Having a lovely time with Dad in Madrid. He seems to have taken to it really well-which is something of a relief, and he's done so many things around the house,which I just couldn't have done myself without enlisting the help of an expensive and probably pervy builder. Here are the photos of the pot-lid rack, shelves and rail he put up in the kitchen- plus the bathroom cabinet (yay, a mirror in the bathroom at last!), and the hanging basket and hooks on the balcony. I'm particularly appreciative of what he's done as I know that DIY isn't something that comes naturally to him or that he finds immensly enjoyable- so well done Dad!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Swingin cats in the kitchen

This is soooo dull yet so exciting for me. Wall mounting the microwave is the best thing I've done this month-sad but true. All the space it's created to clutter with yet more junk. Honestly, when your kitchen is approximately 4x3 ft space is precious.
This is where it was.

This is where it is now.

The same but better

Over the past couple of days I can't really be sure I've had any improvement, but my little smile does somehow seem a bit better. Eyes are still one-massive-one tiny. It's hard to appreciate how good or bad things are via the photos- when I make no or little expressions I look almost fine, but when I'm laughing or speaking as one does for most of the day I still look pretty awful.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

A few bad days

Went back to the specialist yesterday, who (obviously) said I'm not making great progress. They're going to put a weight in my eyelid to help it close, and botox (in my good side) to even me out out a bit. Theyre also sending me for an electromyograph to see what sort of state the nerve is in. What was meant to be a temporary condition that everyone recovers from in a couple of weeks is turning into a nightmare.

My Sudanese grandma died a couple of days ago, it's very sad but not entirely unexpected. Going out there for the funeral wasn't an option, as they bury you within 24 hours of death.
On a brighter note, dad is coming from Egypt to stay on 10th June which will be really nice and will force me to get out of the house and show him the sites. And it might be nice for him to have some time out after his mother dying.
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