Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What I did in... Marrakech

I hope to make this little list of things to do, eat, see, read, drink etc. a regular on the blog. By no means can I claim it’s a ‘top things to do’ of any given destination, but I can say it’s a list of the things I enjoyed when I was there :-) So, here goes Marrakech...(which was unfortunately cut short by a nasty bout of flu)
Read – The Sheltering Sky, Paul Bowles – classic beat novel about an American couple who journey to Morocco after World War 2.
Eat – Pastilla at La Maison Arabe. I only ate there, in their wonderful poolside restaurant, but it is also an amazing place to stay or do a Moroccan cooking course. Eating outdoors at the Jma el Fna is a must too, but with over 100 kiosks to choose from I can say that stall 97 is among the better ones.
Buy – Tassled curtain tie backs in every colour under the sun – from the main souk. If I hadn’t got the flu and spent my last day in bed I would have also bought a bright white leather pouffe and a silver lantern.
See – The Majorelle Gardens, get there early to beat the crowds, and when you’ve had your fill of the beautiful gardens go to the café – expensive, though this is a good thing as it keeps the crowds out :-)

The snaps above are all from my Easter trip there.


Bea90 said...

How did you do that picture composition? Did you use any editing program? I want to do something similar, but I'm hopeless at these things. You know anything simple to use?


Nadya said...

Hi Bea, I actually used PowerPoint! I put individual photos on a powerpoint screen, added either black or white frames using the format image option, then I selected all of the images together (just click on all of them while keeping the shift button pressed down. The right click and choose the option 'group images'. Then you 'save as image' on your desktop and voila! There may well be much easier ways of doing this, I'm not a techie either! Another alternative may be the free programme Photscape which you can google and download - I used that to create my header image. Best of luck! (Give me a shout if you've got any more questions) Nadya

Bea90 said...

Fantastic, it's very easy with Powerpoint! I will look that Photscape programme as well now... yesterday I tried with an online editing photo web called Picnik, but its good to have diferent options! Youre great. ¡¡Muchas gracias!!

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