Saturday, 29 May 2010

Weekend fun - promise to self

Over the past few months I've moaned aplenty about my 'working weekends' - the glut of freelance work that's been coming my way since November, and how it's been a blessing but also a total fun-killer. Ok, not a total fun-killer beacuse I've still found time to do stuff like go to my friend Justo's birthday picnic (above photo from this weekend). In any case, this should be my last working weekend for a while, the projects have dried up and I won't be soliciting any more for the moment. I look back and think of all those free and easy weekends I had and how I enjoyed them but also how I wasted time and didn't make the most of them. This is a little list, a little promise to self, of all the things I want to do with my weekends and evenings:
  • finally do that sushi course.
  • make serious introads into my novel.
  • make lovely cakes like I used to (ok, a long time ago) and invite people round to eat them.
  • do more yoga.
  • go for massages.
  • phone people more.
  • run.
  • try out my huge list of downloaded recipes.
  • watch all those films I've been meaning to see.
  • take French classes.
Ok, I'm going back to work for now, but these few seconds of indulgence will hopefully give me the boost I need to finish off that stuff and start doing this stuff!


Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

Hi Nadya sounds like a very familier situation I seem to work all the hours under the sun, promise my self I'm going to do this and that when the weekend comes, but the weekend never seems to come, you are not alone!!!!
Regards Sam

Ana said...

I have a list similar to yours. Learning French is also on it, as well as getting massages. Do you know of any good places in Madrid to get a massage? I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it!
Take care,

Nadya - Beyond Madrid said...

Hi Ana, thanks for dropping in! A good place for massages in Madrid is City Yoga near Cuatro Caminos - pricey but quality. One place I haven't yet tried is Fusiom on C/Alcala which I've read really good reviews for and I'm hoping to try out soon!

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