Monday, 18 May 2009

In the office

I've long prescribed to the thought that being in the office is bad for your body (a no brainer I guess). Whilst the mental effects of being there are, at least for me at the moment, not too bad, I do get quite scared at the thought of what spending a life time sat on a wheely chair in an air-conditioned box hunched over a screen can do to your body (on second thoughts, it doesn't exactly sound like a walk in the park for your brain either... but at least you are hopefully using your brain to some degree). I even have a theory that humans will start to evolve according to our delightful working habitats... flat yet cushiony butts, moulded to the shape of your office chair, extra long arms to reach that keyboard, we'll be unable to straighten our legs and will walk around with slightly bent knees, a bit like Cromagnon man or whoever it was ;-) We could even develop extra big-bladders to avoid trips to the loo interrupting our concentration... Ok, I'm being a bit silly, but on a serious note it's obviously not a good life-style for us former hunter-gatherers. I wouldn't mind getting an ergoErgo chair, which has the same benefits of sitting on one of those inflatable exercise balls, forcing you to straighten your back and tighten your tummy, but without any of the falling-off-the-ball-in-the-office-and-suing-the-company 'health and safety' bans. I remember visiting a friend's office in the UK a couple of years back and wondering what the hell they were all doing sat on yoga balls?? Well, now I know, but think this might be a better alternative...

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