Thursday, 21 May 2009

Calling all lego and architecture lovers!

Who didn't play with Lego when they were younger? I used to love those shiny little bricks. It wasn't all happy days though, the Lego officially belonged to my older brother and as I was quite a bit younger I was relegated to Lego for babies - in other words big fat clumsy blocks of Duplo. Whenever I could, I'd get my hands on my brother's proper 'grown up' Lego and go straght for Princess Leah from his Star Wars set (she was really quite realistic, complete with double-doughnut hair!). Anyway, enough reminiscing, what I wanted to say is that Lego is launching a new series, 'Lego Architecture' (coming soon, apparently), and in a sneak preview I've seen that they will be offering the Frank Lloyd Wright set in the photo above. The Falling Water house looks pretty cool, but just think of the other possibilities: Guggenheim Bilbao (not for beginners), the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Burj al Arab in Dubai... I think this could be a hit with grown ups like me who like both architecture and Lego. I would happily while away a Sunday afternoon makling one of these (geeky, don't you think?). I wonder if they plan to include figurines in the collection? On second thoughts this would just consist of a bunch of bespectacled, balding male architects in black polo-necks... so maybe not.

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