Tuesday, 5 May 2009

More thinking out loud...

I have to make a public apology (if this can be considered public).

I have recently taken to ridiculing the hippy-druid-shop near my house; it's middle-earthian customers, its no-plastic-bag policy (which, by the way, I kind of agree with), Its wind-chimes and insence, its shelves of druid-supplies with names like quinoa, patchouli and seitan... Guess which 2 of the items in italics are edible*? Most annoying was the way that every time I went in to pick up a loaf of organic bread there would be 'unemployed layabouts' (yes I know, I'm evil and have an acidic tongue) in there chatting leisurely to the shop assistant about their every ailment (from warts to dread-lock rot) preventing busy-me from being served immediately.

Well the other day I tumbled into the druid shop, out of breath and stressed, the way I am every day after work, and did my busy-Madrileño-in-a-shop routine: quick scan of shop to see what I want; decision making process over need for basket or not; removal of cash to save time later at till; impatient manouvre past people blocking access to my product of choice; death stare to anyone in my way; grab products; analysis of queue situation (dive in now? Or, wait a second and risk someone getting in ahead of me? Start putting products on counter to save my 'space' in the queue?)... I was about to make my lunge for the till when the shop assistant looked me in the eye and said 'no te preocupes, aquí no tenemos prisa'. These simple words, rather than annoying me, made me calm down, take a deep breath and realise that not every second of the day needs to be a fight. She then took the time to listen to my questions about what vitamins I wanted and advise me, tell me where I could get good organic vegetables and she even gave me a free tube of my 'special' toothpaste as I had run out. I left feeling much more relaxed than when I went. Now I know why my fellow customers take their time. I have learnt a little lesson today. Ommm (and sorry for being an impatient city-dweller).

* Seitan and Quinoa are edible, but are not worth explaining. I don't think patchouli is edible as it's a perfume, but who knows??


Joli said...

Eat your quinoa, it's very good for you!

Anonymous said...

I live in your area and I know very well the health shop of El Druida de Lavapiés. I'm glad you have discovered how nice the lady there is. I found very unfair your description of the post and customer, etc... as it's a rather good shop

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