Monday, 11 May 2009

Another food post

This blog is called (somewhat unimaginatively) My life in Madrid, but recently it seems like a more apt name might be My weekends in Barcelona, or Planes and Trains. Well, in my first Barcelona-related post I wanted to make mention of a restaurant we have been to several times in BCN, simply because I can't think of a single bad thing to say about it (which is a very rare thing for me :-)). It's a pseudo Japanese called Kibuka and the food is great, the decor is stylish, but in a completely laid-back, effortless way with no attempt at giving it that tired zen-garden look and as a bonus the staff are quite nice too (oh, and it's cheap too, what more can one ask for?). I've been there about 3 times now and tried various dishes, but one thing that stands out is the menu of 'special makis', which combine traditional maki ingredients with others such as Thai curry or even fruit like banana. The other day we tried maki with soft-shell crab - I was slightly alarmed when they brought out this maki with a load of crab's legs sticking out of it - but needless to say, it was delicious (silly me, it didn't click at first that soft-shell crab would mean edible-sheel crab). All this talk of maki has reminded me that somewhere on my 'list of things to do in life' I put down learn how to make Japanese food, and as I've been on a bit of a health-drive lately plus I do have at least 2 Japanese cookbooks, I feel that I now have no excuse. My only worry would be poisoning all my guests with raw fish :-/

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