Saturday, 11 September 2010

Blablabla - my temporary state as a couch potato

This is kind of a post for post's sake. I don't have much interesting to report I'm afraid but my sister Sayda has been hassling me about my sporadic posts lately and has guilted me into writing even though I have nothing that special to share. Fact is, since returning from Bali, all I want to do is curl up at home with a good book/my favourite series - at the moment Masterchef and Top Chef reruns - which while pretty meaningless at least provide me with the motivation to walk up the hill to my local market for some fresh produce to make a nice meal - like the pan fried perch I did today. It's like I'm slipping into winter mode even though it's still 26 degrees out there. Before the summer I was all about forcing myself to go out and have fun, whereas the past few weeks I seem to get a disproportionate amount of satisfaction from just eating a ripe peach or lighting an insence stick on my tiny balcony and noting how it rids the air of all the smells of boiled lentils with chunks of lard that my neighbours seem to cook first thing on a saturday morning... I really am miss boring, and secretly feel pleased when plans to go out fall through. Not like me at all! I promise myself that I will get out there again; I'll be back at yoga, back at French, and running, and writing a novel, and setting up an online business and God knows what. But for now, for the next couple of weeks, I'm happy just to take it easy. I can see now that I was doing too much before the summer, as I think I mentioned in a previous post, my self-diagnosed superwoman syndrome was perhaps causing me a bit of anxiety, so maybe that's where this need to do nothing (apart from my physio which I can't give up) comes from. Or maybe it's just laziness or a sympton of what the Spanish call syndrome post vacacional? Whatever it is, I'm quite enjoying it :-)


buday said...

Boiled lentils with chunks of lard! Lol.

Nadya said...

Believe me, it is not what you want to smell any morning of the week! x

Melanie said...

Don't feel guilty! You are not the only one in this case: I am the same at the moment, I just enjoy reading "not improving" magazines and listening to music at home... that's it.
I must say that I have been checking your blog every other day while you were on holidays, I actually missed reading your posts! So please don't stop, even once in a while it is nice. Idea for your next post: the "vitamin recipe" which is going to take you back on track!!

PS: Let me know if you want to have French conversations. I can help! ;-) (My price: 1 coffee+muffin/day - can discuss)

Nadya said...

Hi Melanie! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the need to slow down. What is a vitamin recipe? Do tell, I need inspiration for writing these days! French conversation sounds good - though first I need some grammar and vocabulary basics (I really know nothing!) In any case if you'd like to meet for that coffee/muffin drop me a line via email :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya, even when you have nothing to report it's still lovely to read your posts! I'm glad I nagged you into it! Love Sayd. x

Nadya said...

Hi Sayd! You should continue with yours too ;) xxx

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