Saturday, 26 June 2010

New yoga blog

Just to let you know I've set up a new blog to document my first steps in yoga. I hope to be able to post there regularly on how that side of my life is getting on - from my experiences with slightly eccentric Hindu monks here in Madrid and the heated Vinyasa classes that almost made me faint, through to the yoga retreat I'm doing this summer in Bali and beyond. Check out The Yoga Diaries. :-)))


Anonymous said...

Slightly eccentric monks? You don't mean the Hare Krishnas do you? Their temple is halfway between my house and my market. They always catch me with my arms full of shopping, "Are you INDIAN? Do you know who KRISHNA is??". They also have the habit of waking me up on Sunday morning marching up and down my street on militantly chanting. I wish I could resent them, but with their funny shaved heads and puppy-like enthusiasm you just can't can you?

Nadya - said...

Not sure what group he belongs to, he wears and orange T-shirt and trousers but has super-long hair - I'm afraid to ask, as any time I ask a question about the more spiritual side of yoga he tries to get me go an a weekend retreat with 'the group' :-)

Anonymous said...

The important thing, in my humble opinion, is to find something you feel satisfied with. If he doesn't b ecome too insistent is fine..isn't it? :-)

In other order of things... I've found a blog interesting for you: with lots of info for independent travel in Bali.:-). I hope you enjoy it

Nadya - said...

Yes, he's not too insistent - it's just that I can be a bit of a yes person so I tend not to like pressure! Thanks for the Bali link, I'll check it out :-)

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