Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mercado de Antón Martín

A secondary benefit of my new found decision to get up and exercising on Saturday mornings is that I can make it to the Mercado de Antón Martín on C/Santa Isabel before it shuts at 2. This large covered market is just 5 minutes from my house, but as it involves climbing a hill and getting dressed before midday on a Saturday I tend to give it a miss and end up buying food from expensive little corner shops or Carrefour - both of which sell the world's most flavourless fruit and vegetables. When I got there yesterday I could have kicked myself for not shopping there sooner - there was a great variety of stalls and the owners were invariable cheery and helpful. I homed in on a stand selling corn-fed chicken and free-range eggs from Galicia - I've since tried both - as scrambled eggs for breakfast and as pasta with chicken, lemon, and asparagus - delicious on both counbts. It's not all tradional Spanish fayre though, between the stalls of embutidos and tins of preserved fish I was really surprised to find a sushi kiosk right there in the middle of the market. I got there so early that Japanese girl who runs it was still setting up, but it looked great and really fresh, and I'll definitely be back to sample some. Perhaps I'll get some sushi in for this dinner party that I've been threatening to host for the past 6 months :-)


Anonymous said...

You must have discovered it yet but I remind you of the BEST and cheapest place for cheeses and cold meats in the whole area: Leonesa. it's just in calle Torrecilla del Leal in the site opposited of the market building. Fabulous!
And try sometime the "puntas de solomillo" sold in a butchershop just opposite the chicken shop. At 3,99 euros/kilo they are incredibly tasty and tender. Just have to cleaand trim them up a little bit but they are better than the real ones1!
good luck :-)

Nadya said...

Hi! Thanks, I didn't know about that place - next time I'll try it out! x

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