Monday, 12 April 2010

Tomorrow yoga

What with one thing and another, these past couple of months, my efforts to be fit and flexible have gone completely out of the window, and I feel I've lost any of the progress I had made. Well, tomorrow I plan to get back into it and have a yoga class, at Yogam, not far from my house. It looks like a pretty simple little centre, just a room really, but I'm looking forward to exercising again, to the sense of control I remember it giving me over my life and body. I'll let you know how I get on.


Anonymous said...

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Babs said...

Greetings from Amman! Just stumbled on your blog, thought I'd say hi! unfortunately we haven't made it to Madrid yet, but it's on our list... Hope the Yoga classes were nice :)

Nadya said...

Hi Babs! Thanks for dropping by, you should definitely pay Madrid a visit - and Barcelona too if you haven't already. Jordan is also a place I'd like to see :-) xx

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