Friday, 30 April 2010


For the past couple of weeks I've been thinking seriously about the summer holidays. I wanted something far away and exotic, and as none of my friends are able to do 'far away and exotic' in August, I'm looking at a solo trip. My initial idea was to do do a trip round South Easy Asia; stopping off in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and maybe even Singapore. I wanted to travel by train, to see how the landscape changed as I travelled and avoiding that feeling of 'just landing' somewhere. However, deterred by the Monsoon and advised by a friend who knows the place well, I decided on a much more relaxed type of break in Bali (which is not in Monsoon at that time of the year). Come to think of it, my recent reading of Eat, Pray, Love encouraged me too, though I have no plans to visit a medicine man or come back with some Brazilian guy on my arm ;-)

I'm really excited about every aspect of the trip. I decided to take an airline I liked the sound of (so that the holiday would start as soon as I board), so I chose Singapore Airlines as I'd heard such good things about them. Much more exciting though is the yoga retreat I've booked to do while I'm out there. So much has happened these past months, and I feel this is just the kind of restorative activity I need. Nestled in the verdant countryside outside Ubud, it has just 10 rooms, so it will certainly be peaceful. There will be yoga and meditation morning and evening, good food, visits to scenic rice terraces, yoga by a volcano, bike rides, massages and spa treatments... Plus, something which kind of terrifies me - a 'purification ritual and blessing ceremony'. From the people emersed in water in the photos, it looks a bit like a baptism. I have mixed feelings about this event; I worry it might be a bit cringeful, a load of westerners doing some sacred Balinese ceremony, but hey, if we're doing yoga, what's the difference? But will people start crying? Worst still, will I start crying?! I'll let you know :-) Whatever happens, I guess it's a new experience so I shouldn't complain.

Aside from the yoga, I have around another week to spend on the island. I could esily go further afield (I'd love to see the Orangutangs on Borneo, Komodo dragons on their name-sake island and numerous other things around Indonesia)... but I'm not sure, there seems to be plenty to do on Bali, friends have told me I can climb an active volcano (!), see temples, visit the Gili islands with their unspoilt beaches, learn to dive... Far from boring it would seem, so I'm still unsure what to do with the rest of my time. Can't wait!


Babs said...

Lucky you! That sounds just so exciting - in a relaxing way... Am sur you will have a fab time. Can't wait to see the pics, I would really like to go to Bali, but a bit complicated flight wise with a baby, so will have to wait till she gets a bit older!

Nadya said...

Thank! wwhen baby's a bit older, the same yoga centre do retreats for families, so that's always an option :-) x

Anonymous said...


I was in Bali in August years ago and I can tell you a number of things ;-)
- You have choosen well the place to be. Ubud is the place I liked more in the whole island. Beautiful and plenty of artists.
- If you go the the famous Kuta Beach be aware that it's quite a dreadful place full of drunken australians :-).
- It's not Monsoon time but it rains a lot!
- I found Lombod and the Gili islands much more delightful than Bali. Bali is extremely commercial and it's not easy to contact the people there. Lombod is much easier and peaceful and if you like snorkling the Gili islands are the paradise. I would just care to buy and bring my own equipment for snorkling. Probably in Bali you can find it very cheap. You can rent it in Gili Islands but I didn't find very higienical to bite a plastic rented!! ;-)
Bali is prepared for tourists. With that I mean that I tried and failed at using public transportation because people would not collaborate at all and at the end it was more expensive because we ended up having to take taxis!
I hope you enjoy it :-)

Nadya said...

Thanks for the tip re Kutu - I won't be going there I think - it sounds as bad as Benidrom in Spain! I didn't realise rain was likely though :-( Oh, well, I'll have to pack an umbrella and some sensible shoes! I was thinking about Gili, as I'd like to do a dive course while I'm out there, I might just take your advice re the snorkel gear :-)

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Anonymous said...

hallo...have nice trip in bali and lombok..well right, bali is for tourist, but there is also some peace place and original. try some not touristic place also in lombok, maybe in the south and somewhere else...more nicer..
im from indonesia, and i ve been in bali plusieurs time and also spending sometime in lombok with local people who has showed me best places.
bon voyage

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