Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The long and the short of it

At just under 5’10feet (1.78cm) I’m tall for a woman. I quite like my height as it makes clothes hang right, but it can make me stand out when at times I’d rather blend in (yeah right, I hear family and friends mock, you just looove to blend in ;p). But really, there are times when you want to wear stilletos and not tower above everyone around you - I sometimes think when you're tall and you have a day when you look great you really look great and everyone notices, but by the same token when you have a bad hair day it's that much more noticeable if said mop of hair is sat atop getting on for 2 metres of woman! To be honest I don’t think there’s any ‘right’ height - tall, medium and petites all hold their own advantages - with tallies being able to carry off minis and skinny jeans and smaller ladies getting away with killer heels and full make up without looking like drag queens. Speaking of height, a few years ago I was queuing for the cinema in Madrid when the friend I was with nudged to subtly look behind me but NOT stare. Of course I immediately swung my head round for a look, and who was there? None other than Javier Bardem (who was wide as a wardrobe but not as tall as he looks on screen) and with him was a shaven-headed Natalie Portman (the hairdo was for Vendetta I guess) who was smaller than I could ever have imagined, about 5ft I’d say, like a teeny but perfectly proportioned angel-faced doll - I think even my head was double the size of hers, and as for Javier’s head... ;-)

Anyhow, here’s a nifty little list of some celeb heights which may or may not be what you expect:
http://www.onlineconversion.com/length_common.htm (for conversion to metres, I'm sorrt but I'm still a feet and inches girl)

Shaquille O’Neal – 7’1
Arnold Swarzenegger – 6’2
Maria Sharapova – 6ft2 (how does she move so gracefully at that height?)
Leonardo DiCaprio – 5’11
Uma Thurman – 5’11
Nicole Kidman – 5’10
Blake Lively – 5’10
Gwyneth Paltrow – 5’9
Tom Cruise - 5’7
Angelina Jolie - 5,7
Jennifer Aniston - 5’6 (funny but I thought Angelina was so much taller than Jen, but apparently not)
Beyonce - 5’6 (another lady who looks Amazonian on screen but is suprisingly mid-sized)
Madonna – 5’5
Al Pacino – 5’5
Penelope Cruz – 5’4
Scarlett Johanssen – 5’3
Audrey Tatou – 5’2
Salma Hayek – 5’1
Holly Hunter – 5’1
Jada Pinkett – 4’10


Saray said...

I am really short and like you I think all heights have its advantages. I love heels so wearing them suits me; on the contrary I could never get away with wearing a gorgeous turtle-neck sweater because well...my neck is almost non-existent lol.

Reading you´re Anglo-Sudanese made me remember my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh - Nile Valley which makes delicious Sudanese food. Gosh I wish I could find Sudanese food now that I am back in my home country but I guess that could prove tricky.

Greetings from León! (city on the Northern part, close to Asturias).

Madrid absolutely rocks, I hope you´re enjoying your stay there :)

Anonymous said...

5'10, that is tall! With that height, you could easily be a model! (Are you? Maybe I'm just stating the obvious...) I'm only 5'4, and always complaining about it. I'm jealous of you! :-)

Nadya said...

Thanks for the replies! I am definitely NOT a model. Being tall does have disadvantages - like being taller that most of the male population in Spain ;-), or in my opinion looking like a drag queen if you wear lots of jewellery or bright colours - in other words tallies need to keep it simple! I think the list of tall and small celebs goes to prove that there are lovely ladies of all heights out there :-) Sounds like a cliche, but I'd say the key to looking good no matter what your height is to walk and wear your clothes with confidence!! Saray, I haven't had Sudanese food for ages, thinking about it has made me crave it:-)

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