Monday, 21 December 2009

Cold weather wear roundup

With Madrid under snow (and most of the Europe and world it would seem) all those tacky never-be-seen-dead-in-them 'winter warmth' items found in discount stores and the shopping channel suddenly take on a compelling appeal. Here are some of my favourites...

1. Get Snuggie 'the blanket with sleeves'. It may be tempting to mock this hideous garment, but let me tell you that it sold 5 million units in just the blue version in its first year (plus as a huge sufferer of the cold, or friolera, I think it would actually be quite warm and comfy :-) Check out their website to see a hilarious video featuring a whole family wearing matching Snuggies at a  baseball match.

2. And for toasty toes, why not try CosySoles, microwave-heated slippers. which like the Snuggie, appear to come in garish red fleeded polyester. Again though, I think these would be really warm and cosy. However, is it really hygeinic to put slippers in the microwave? A place where, after all, you make food.

3. Ear muffs, thankfully, are cool again. I wonder if the return of this trend has something to do woth the comeback of big DJ-style head phones as apposed to teeny earphones? Just speculating... Anyway, saw a girl wearing a leapard print pair today (with a high pony and skinny jeans - I think hairdo is crucial to carry these off) and she actually looked pretty good. And even if you don't look stylish, you might at least pass for a sort of latter-day Princess Leia (ahem).

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