Monday, 23 November 2009

A wonderful wedding (and a random issue)

I’ve just come back from my little sister’s lovely winter wedding – the event which has been the inspiration for many a post about purple dresses and the difficulty of finding a suitable one. Well, it all went very well; my sister looked gorgeous and was just so happy and charming throughout the day (as one should be one one’s wedding!) and it was lovely to see friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a cold British wintery day, but that didn't really spoil proceedings, in a way it added to the cosiness of the event and despite being a typical English wedding, the Sudanese side of our heritage was given dues with a dervish act, baklava and an aunt ululating! (that's that weird yodelling type noise made by women from some Arab and African countries during celebrations). There were of course a couple of mishaps (thankfully, none of them related to the bride) including a moment of sheer panic when I saw that the hairdresser in charge of my tresses decided that harshly hair-sprayed ringlets were the way to go (more on the crappiness of hairdressing in Britain in another post – they sooo need to come to Spain and see what a proper blow-dry with volume is) and when my boyfriend’s flight from Turkey – with classy airline Pegasus – was delayed by dangerously thick fog... Anyway all was well in the end – he made it in time for the main course (and I think he secretly enjoyed everyone's awe at his James Bond like appearance mid-wedding) and I got used to my juvenile ringlets as they made one guest comment that I looked about 24, which could have been a polite lie (or trick of the soft lighting) but I was quite happy to believe it ;-) En fin, congratulations Sayda and Jack and enjoy your honeymoon on the Red Sea!!

On a more sober note, there’s a kind of nagging problem that I’ve had for a couple of years now but have chosen to ignore as I’ve always seen it as a trivial and common sort of malady. And as it's hardly life threatening I feel like a bit of a wimp complaining about it. Basically, I wake up at 3am about 3 nights a week, start thinking, then can’t get back to sleep again (even if I go to bed super-late). I try and fit my life around this annoying habit and occasionally manage to nod off again using basic meditation techniques (hot milk, counting sheep or watching TV don’t work). But this weekend at my sisters wedding the same thing happened two nights in a row meaning that for the day (and combined with the travel) I was a total zombie. This is the first time that my sleep issues have affected a ‘big’ event in my life and it has made me realise that I need to do something about it as it makes me irritable and below par in many ways. Over the next weeks I’ll be trying different things (all of them natural I hope) to see how I can resolve this problem. As ever any tips are appreciated.


Debs said...

Spanish hairdressers are better than English ones? HELP! Could you recommedn one to me? I keep goign back to London to get my hair cut.

Nadya said...

Maybe I should rectify what I said! I don't think that Spanish hairdressers are better (and there certainly aren't any niceties like cups of tea!) but I do think they do a mean blowdry here - especially in the cheap chain hairdressers - seriously, you come out with what I call 'CNN hair' (big and beautiful!)

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