Friday, 6 November 2009

I rate... Make up Alley

Who doesn't hate to waste money? And I have to admit, that as a woman, some of that wasted cash goes on pots and tubes of cream or make up that claim to do a job (get rid of eye bags, make your eyelashes grow or whatever) but simply don't work. I always like to try before I buy, but in Spain that often isn't a possibility so the next best thing is to hear what others who have bought the product thought of it. Websites like Ciao do offer some limited review material of beauty products, but recently I came across makeupalley, a fantastic website offering thousands of customer reviews on everything from mascara to mousturiser - the product review part of the site is really easy to use and offers such thorough feedback on different cosmetics and toiletries that I will never again be parting with my pennies at the beauty counter without checking out the 'miracle product' in question out on this site first.

On the subject of health and beauty, I wanted to give a quick mention to Farmácia Arenal on C/Arenal (Metro Sol) which for me is the most pristine and wonderous pharmacy in the whole of Madrid. I have already extolled the virtues of Spanish pharmacies in a previous post, but felt the need to update as they now sell Skincueticals (previously only available from dermatologists in Spain) which I'm dying to try, but will have to wait for bonus day ;P The only downside is along with the Skincueticals they seem to have hired an awful, pushy and slightly obnoxious French Skinceuticals sales guy whose basic mission is to aggressively snatch any other brand of product out of your hands and get you to spend 00's on his line. Grrrr

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