Monday, 16 November 2009

Barrio Sesamo

So Sesame Street has just celebrated its 40th annivesary... I can completely appreciate the cognitive and social value of SS to young kids, but have to admit that as a child I was always more of a fan of their flamobouyant cousins, the muppets. Somehow, Sesame Street always felt a bit 'young' to me, and as my mum and dad were doing that whole first-time-parent in the 70s thing of teaching your kid how to read, write and count as soon as they were born, it was no wonder I found Count Dracula's number work just a bit simple... (if only my early mathematical prowess had endured as now I can't even do long division). Still, I do have fond memories of the programme and of my favourite characters, the super-bitchy Miss Piggy and her long-suffering husband Kermit - but as for the rest of the street I always found them super-annoying, especially Big Bird who was so good natured that he/she(?) was simply slappable! (Yes, I was an odd child). The funny thing is that when you share Sesame Street memories with Spanish friends you find out they had a whole other star character that did not exist in the UK - Espinete - the giant pink hedgehog. This creature looks quite terrifying from the photos, though I have been assured that despite his prickly appearance, he was was a cuddly bundle of joy in real life :-)

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