Friday, 17 July 2009

Plastic fantastic

Ok this post is just a bit of silly fun, not a usual topic for me, but maybe MJ's death has got me thinking about plastic surgery, and I googled 'celebrity plastic surgery' and it would seem like practically everyone in tinsel town has had something done (which I can understand, as their looks are literally under the microscope 24/7 - look at me googling them!). However, in the case of poor MJ, Tori Spelling or Priscilla Presley it' scary and overtly obvious, but then there's the scores of stars who you'd actually never realise had gone under the knife as they've had quite subtle surgery that is in some cases (dare I say it) an improvement on their prior appearance. It does beg the question, though, is there anything such as natural beauty these days? But then again, what's so natural about the lipstick, hairdye or the bikini wax that many of us ladies use on a frequent basis? Perhaps, this is just taking things an expensive step further, which is a totally personal choice, but unfortunately raises the aspirational beauty benchmark even higher. (My god, that all got a bit serious towards the end!)

Good job. Let's face it, Angelina was always good looking, but even more so with a new nose.

Giselle is gorgeous too, but with 2 'small' changes even more so.

Kate Hudson and Halle Berry. Noses do seem to be the biggest facial 'offenders' (something I can totally relate to, heehee)

Even one of the most natural beauties Nicole Kidman, seems to have succumbed to some serious lip-plumping.

Madonna. Also looks great for her age, but those cheek impants are a bit scary.

And finally, Paris Hilton, lips, boobs, the works...

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Joli said...

I suspect Angelina also had rhytidectomy forehead-eyebrow lift using the disolvable threads, as in one red carpet photograph they were very detectable under her thin fat free skin. She should probably stop now with the surgery though,while it´s still good before she crosses over to the Joyce Wildenstien dark side!

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