Thursday, 23 April 2009

The grass is always greener...

I just phoned my ex-hospital in the UK to ask how I would get hold of my medical history from 8 years ago. I thought this would be a tall order considering the amount of hassle one has to sometimes go to to get a simple blood test in Madrid. Their response turned out to be incredibly helpful; 'Oh, we'll just pop them in the post to you', 'Or we can fax them if you like? 'Or shall we fax them straight to your doctor in Madrid?' How refreshing it was to speak to 'Avril'; I didn't have to go to the hospital in person, queue, shout, beg, feign tears or fill in any forms. On days like this, I realise that not everything in the UK is bad :-) I wonder if it would have been as easy if I had a foreign accent?

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