Monday, 4 October 2010

Gold and silver interiors

Mixing gold and silver is meant to be an ultimate style faux pas, but lately I seem to be changing my mind. In my little apartment most of my walls are cream, with rich burgundy accent walls... contrary to popular belief a dark wall in a small space can sometimes actually make it look bigger by making the painted wall recede into the distance. For the past few months I have been toying with the idea of replacing the red with something a little more calming. If I had a flat with lots of natural light, I'd quite like to go for an all white out minimalist look, but bearing in mind I'm so attached to my furniture and that pure white needs natural light to make it look bright rather than dingy I'm thinking of going more down the lines of pewters, creams, golds and off whites. I already have a lot of cream and neutral basics, so making the transformation won't be that hard. My main dilemma is what to do with the big colourful wool rug which I have in the middle of the room - I love it, but don't have anywhere to put it...and it was too pricey to just get rid of. Winter is of course a terrible time to decorate, and it's fast approaching, but perhaps I can spend the next few months curating(?!) clippings and inspiration and get into DIY mode in spring. Below are some photos of my apartment now and some of the pictures that have been inspiring me.


Living room view from sofa 'nook'

This one's a bit older - I now have curtains and the sofa is against the cream wall opposite.

The tie-backs I picked up in Marrakech

Inspiration - the two below are from a Morrocan Riad, it's a shame I lost the source link.

More to follow :-)

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