Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Explained absences

Those of you who know me personally will probably know why I haven't been the most faithful of bloggers recently :-) Something most unusual has happened, I've been completely swept off my feet and have apparently fallen in love. I honestly had no idea it could be so easy. A couple of months ago I ranted on about how my own eat-pray-love journey this year had kinded of ended with the praying bit, but that I was happy nevertheless. Well I was wrong, apparently love was there waiting in the wings. Although I'm posting less regularly recently I promise to make more of an effort - I've had my blog for over 2 years and am not about to give it up so easily :-)

The graffiti above is by Banksy.


Rachel said...

you've fallen in love! wonderful! p.s. like you said, Corte Ingles does has everything and I am no longer boycotting it. And I think we should be friends, because we both have (or had) the cinnamon L'Occitane candles and other reasons too...like how I don't know you, but I walk around Madrid and think oh Nadya would like that...oh that's what Nadya said about this place....and that my husband doesn't read blogs, but he knows who you are.

Nadya said...

Hi Rachel! Are you settling in well? Don't worry, everyone ends up dependent on the Corte Inglés in the end! That's really funny that your husband knows who I am - we should definitely meet up some time. Just drop me a line whenever you fancy it :-)

Paola said...

Hello there! In love sounds perfectly fantastic! I am so happy for you besos!

Nadya said...

Hi Paola - love is grand indeed! How's the new job going? :-)

Justo said...

It sounds great.. how delightful to read something like this.. and I hope next time I´ll be ready to make the acquaintance!

Paola said...


The job is going great! I love it! It's a modern arts lovers dream job! It's a gallery/store /studio! Lots of celeb clients in the 1st 3 weeks! Heath ceramics. Check out the website! I can't wait to see more pics of you and your new <3!

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