Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wellness in the Corte Inglés

This really is starting to sound like 'Nadya's health and happiness blog', I think I need to try and get back to more stuff on restaurants/design/anecdotes soon... but hey, I can do what I want as it's MY blog ;P... This post is a just quickie as I'm fighting some weird cold symptoms (there I go, health again) and I'm thinking of having a nap. Just wanted to say, don't make a special journey for it, but if you happen to be in the Corte Inglés in Callao (central Madrid) then do take a trip up to the 6th floor where they've created a new wellness space. It offers a range of treatment centres; spa, hairdresser's, tanning beds (yuck!) etc but also sells health foods and supplements, 'natural' scents and beauty products as well as every massage device under the sun, including massage chairs, massage eye-masks, foot massagers, neck massagers and a load of other battery operated vibrating machines designed to relieve your, ahem, 'stiff joints'... The space features chilled out muzak and is a welcome relief from the chaos of the rest of the store. It's also completely devoid of customers, maybe because they don't know about it, or more likely because it's so expensive. Still, I like it. Last time I was there I picked up some 'fresh washing' scented burning oil, very nice.

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