Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A little rant

I just need to have a little rant, get a couple of things off my chest and then I'll be positive for the rest of the month ;-) Today I was meant to be going back to Madrid from Istanbul, going with Easyjet via Gatwick. Well I got to the airport this morning and with no warning or explanation they had cancelled the flight, and their only offer of help was to refund the cost of the flight or put me on the next flight, 2 weeks from now! This is all very well, but as Easyjet flights are pretty cheap the refund money doesn't go very far towards covering the cost of an alternative flight... and whilst I'd love to be stranded here with S till the 17th, I'm sure my bosses would feel differently about the matter. Anwyay, after much waiting around and queing at the airport I managaged to get a flight with Alitalia for tomorrow at ridiculous o'clock in the morning and I made my way back to S's apartment. He left for Spain today for Reyes, so I had no key to get into the apartment and luckily his landlord who lives upstairs agreed to hang about and give me a spare key. I have an appalling sense of direction but I do know where S's flat is. Unfortunately the taxi driver didn't. And with my 0 Turkish and his 0 English he proceeded to take me on an 'accidental'(?) detour all the while ignoring my directions. All this ended with me demanding that he left me in the middle of nowhere, upon which I trundled back to the apartment dragging my enormous suitcase over cobbled pavements. Ok, ok, I know it hasn't been that bad a day, but the yuckiness of it all was exacerbated (Sp?) by the worst period cramps ever (sorry boys). The final straw was spilling chocolate custard all over S's new pale beige sofa. Thankfully it washed out. Ok, now I'm going to take a deep breath, a chill pill (metaphorically) and promise to start again with a more cheery outlook tomorrow (as cheery as a 3am start to get to the airport will allow).

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