Monday, 16 March 2009

Tired of crap photos

I've decided that I can no longer hold my head high (?) as a blogger if I don't learn how to take proper photos. If a blog is all about documenting things, then it really has to be almost as much visual as it is written. At the moment I look on enviously at other people's blogs wishing I could take 'arty' snaps of bowls of ravioli and cushions to accompany my writing on these highly important matters. I'm not so bad at taking photos of people, and anyone can take a nice photo of a monument, but I've noticed some people can use a camera to make the most mundane, everyday objects look beautiful - I guess many of these people are called photographers. I don't want to be the next David Bailey, just to be able to take snapshots (especially indoors) without making the space in question look like a darkened prison cell, and the inhabitants like greasy convicts. I was going to upload some of the bad photos I've taken of people, but I don't think my friends would appreciate the greasy convict analogy. A (small) part of the problem is my not-so-great camera, but the real problem is lack of skill behind the lens... Whilst it's perfectly normal for me not to be able to use the more technical functions of a camera, what surprises me is that someone as visual as myself finds it so hard to create/spot a good composition and capture it. Anyway, I'm not going to fork out 1000e on a photography class, so it looks like I'll be heading to the nearest kiosko to buy one of those magazines on taking photos (I have always wondered why those magazines always have some half-naked lady on the front?)

Always take photos facing the natural light source, for bright and airy shots like this one ;)

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