Friday, 4 May 2012



Do you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day? I certainly don’t. One of the obstacles to my water intake is the fact that in the office we have a water cooler with no room-temperature option, and ice cold water plays havoc with my sensitive teeth and friolera (cold-sensitive) body.

Tap water is a viable option as the water in Madrid is good, but we don’t have any decent sized glasses in the office and if you bring one from home and leave it on your desk overnight the cleaning lady inevitably takes it to the kitchen and it finds its way into someone else’s hands! Some co-workers use plastic mineral water bottles but I have two issues with plastic – 1) doubts about whether it’s safe, and 2) water just tastes so much better from glass.

Well, for some months now I’ve had water bottle envy of a colleague who sups water from a trendy glass bottle – great as you can take bottles to meetings unlike glasses of water which tend to spill as you carry them into meeting rooms together with laptop, notebooks, pens etc. So, propelled by my envy, I’ve ordered two of these beauties from Amazon, one for David, one for me. Retap bottles are award-winning Danish-designed water bottles with extra strong glass and lids made of ‘safe’ plastic. The price is also ok I think, for something you’re going to be using every day. Can’t wait for them to arrive, will let you know if they live up to my expectations!


Tumbit said...

In 'Ye Olde Englishe Times' water was deemed to be an impute carrier of ye plague, and as such it was recommended that people intead drank wine or beer as fermentaion process rid it of all 'ye bugs' etc...
Although I agree sanitary conditions have improved over the years, I prefer to be cautious and still drink wine or beer in preference to water.

Nadya said...

Wish I was a beer drinker as it always looks so refreshing on a hot day!

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