Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I rate... Korres lip balm

When I first heard of Greek natural beauty brand Korres a few months ago my initial thoughts were 'beh, how many well-known cosmetic companies come from Greece' and 'double beh, I don't believe all this natural product b*** s****, bring on the science!' But, on a recent stroll into their Calle Fuencarral shop in Madrid, I was proved oh-so-wrong; a) their products are based on scientific research, and b) they sell the tinted lip balm I have been searching for all my life (Quince lip butter, with a texture and colour to die for, and it smells amazing too). And perhaps the best thing is that it's not ridiculously expensive.


Rob Innis said...

Beh! I was just thinking 'Oh yeah - how much' and I eyes arrived at your last sentence. I will look out for it down here in the sticks.....I usually use the gunk in the little round red tubs (well pink actually but that sounds really girlly)

Marie said...

Yo suelo utilizar Benetint de Benefit, pero me seca bastante los labios... Probaré lo que recomiendas, tiene buena pinta. xx!

Nadya said...

Hi Marie, I used to use benetint too (the liquid one) but I too found it was very drying (unless I used vaseline on top), Benefit also have a version in lip balm but I think it might be glossy (which I don't want!).. this Korres one is great as it's not really shiny! Rob, this one has a pink tint, but I think they do a clear one too, and it's 8 euros, so cheaper than similar brands.... Happy shopping :-)

Marie said...

Hi Nadya, I finally bought this lip butter and really liked it. So thanks very much for the info!

PS: I hope you found the perfect dress you were looking for... (I was at a wedding last month and someone was wearing an almost-identical frock to mine... can you imagine??! Almost died. I had to be as far as possible from her during the whole event. It's quite funny now that I think about it, but it was certainly NOT fun that day!!!!

Well, I know that IS NOT happening to you, I only wanted to share the anecdote ;P)

Nadya said...

Glad you liked the lip butter Marie! I can't wait to try out more Korres products.. Re the dress, it's only 2 weeks till the big day.. and who knows, someone could turn up with the same dress as it's from a normal high street shop in the UK... just have to make sure I have knock-out accessories!

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