Friday, 25 September 2009

More bridesmaid-mania

These are some dresses that are inspiring me for Sayda's big day (they have to be purple/navy blue). I wish I had my sewing machine here; despite being only an amatuer seamstress I would definitely attempt to make my own dress simply to get away from all the shiny, static-inducing prom-night gowns that seem to be in the shops at the moment (I wonder if a no-sew, velcro fastening dress would be appropriate ;-) I love Hilark Swank's blue number, but there's no way I'd show so much back at my sister's wedding! And Uma Thurman's white gown looks lovely (It'd be in purple obviously, though maybe I've included this as I actually want to look like Uma Thurman rather than wear that dress). Lovely, lovely dresses...

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