Thursday, 5 February 2009

25 random things about me

Jumping on the 25 random things about me bandwagon that seems to be going round,I've decided to do my own list :-)

1. I hate day trips (especially if you have to take a bus)
2. I sometimes brush my teeth in the shower to save time
3. I can do good animal impressions
4. I love sweet potato and beetroot crisps and could eat several packets of them
5. I don't recyle
6. I'm really bad at staying in touch with people
7. Before people come to my house, I open all the windows, spray 'oust' and burn a l'Occitane incense stick in every room cause I've got a thing about bad smells.
8. I once skipped a school year when I was 10 because I was 'clever'
9. When I came back to the UK aged 11 I had to go back into my normal school year because 'we don't do that in the UK'
10. I sometimes walk along the street listening to music and pretend I'm in a film
11. One of my best memories is sleeping in the back yard in Sudan covered by a 'furdah' and looking at the stars.
12. I hate my birthdays and Christmas and hope to learn to enjoy them more.
13. I don't understand why anyone would want long nails
14. My most-wanted piece of furniture is a genuine Eames off-white leather lounge chair and foot-stool
15. I don't have a hero
16. I have titanium plates somewhere within my body
17. I worry about using too many exclamation marks
18. I have been wheeled around a supermarket carpark in a trolley
19. I would wear jeans ever day if I could
20. I get jealous
21. I worry that I might have a lisp
22. I won't play Monopoly as I can't face the prospect of a) getting nastily competetive, b) losing
23. I want a peekapoo
24. To me egg whites taste of metal
25. I love BBC Radio 4

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