Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Link of the month – tastespotting

Remember when recipe books used to be page upon page of text with the odd photo slotted in for interest (that photo was usually of something called ‘fisherman’s whatever’ and was displayed in an earthenware bowl, alongside a still life of root vegetables and perhaps a bottle of that Portuguese rosé in a basket and some sort of raffia mat beneath). How times have changed. Nowadays cookbooks are all about the photos – simple photos, white backgrounds, a splash of jus here, a torn basil leaf there. I guess cooking on the web has developed along the same lines – and if you’re a sucker for mouth watering snaps of food, if it’s the photo that encourages you to try a recipe, then I urge you to check out tastespotting. Tastespotting is simply a site where members submit photos (and more importantly the RECIPES) from foodie sites around the web. Great pictures and links that are constantly updated, prepare to feel very hungry. Roasted garbanzo beans (chickpeas) anyone? Or how about pea and herb stuffed naan?


buday said...

That's a very specific description of an "imaginary" cookbook picture right there (raffia mat! LOL).

I subscribe to both tastespotting and it's look-alike site, foodgawker (via google reader). Not for the faint-hearted and weak-willed these sites.

Nadya said...

I think the cookbook description is a kind of collage of all the awful 70's cookbooks my mum used to have! I'm sure there was even one with a fish recipe that had fisherman's knots and shells as props - lol. I'll check out foodgawker - these sites actually make me lazy to cook, it's almost as if lusting over the photos I satisfy my appetite a bit!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic site. This is going to be very bad for my no-food-blogging-during-office-hours rule. :(

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