Monday, 5 July 2010

Poetry and furniture

Despite a love of words and a love of interiors, for me the two don't mix that well. For some reason I've never been into the written word used as interior decor. I just don't get it when I open a design magazine and see the words pasta and vino stencilled onto someone's kitchen walls. Well, I'm going to eat my words (excuse the pun), as I'm totally in love with this coffee table bearing a beautifully carved (well, hammered)poem, from Sticks and Bricks via DesignSponge. I can just imagine running my hands over those lovely words as I rest my mug of tea on the table :-) The poem is 'a summer day' by Mary Oliver and is a sweet reminder of the fleeting beauty of life and how we need to be 'awake' in order to see it in its full gorgeousness.

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