Friday, 2 July 2010

I rate... Caudalie skincare

I seem to be rating a lot of products lately. It’s not that I’ve been on any huge shopping spree or that companies are gifting me stuff to review (I wish, on both counts) just that I seem to be enjoying many of the little things I own, and as I’m normally so critical of everything, when praise is due I really like to lay it on :-)

I discovered Caudalie a few months back, I think through the cosmetics review site Make Up Alley which I absolutely swear by (I won’t buy any lotion or potion without checking out the reviews there first). It’s a French line of facial and body care based on the powerful anti-oxidant (and therefore anti-wrinkle methinks) properties of grapes. I’ve been using their ‘energizing’ Pulpe Vitaminée first wrinkle fluid for about 3 months now and I swear my skin has improved loads – much brighter, no-more dray patches, no more evil monster-sized spots (though I’ve probably jinxed it by saying that!). My skinprovements could also be down to other things – washing day and night with Dove soap) and doing tantra yoga – no it’s not that type of yoga. We finish off practice with a full body and face massage – done by yourself unfortunately... I was initially a bit grossed out by massaging myself after working out, but I’ve gotten used to it. Whether it’s the yoga, or the soap, or the lotion, I really like Caudalie – everything smells great and the pricing is quite fair I think (it’s more along the price lines of Galenic than Clarins). Also, Madonna uses it! She uses the Premier Cru range for deeper lines, and if it’s good enough for the queen of pop....

Not satisfied with simply slathering on their creams, I would love to go to one of their vinotherapie spas – which employ the benefits of the nutrients in grapes and wine to make you look and feel damn pretty! They have spa in Spain at the Marques de Riscal (famous Spanish winery) hotel in Bilbao, which was designed by none other than Frank Gehry of the Bilbao Guggenheim museum fame. Spa, good wine and orgasmic architecture – I can’t think of a place that suits me more :-)

P.s. Caudalie products are Paraben free. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I understand it’s something good ;-)

The Marques de Riscal hotel - Source

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