Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back to school

I think if you've ever been a teacher (I was for 3 years), you somehow never stop thinking of life in terms of terms. And here I am, back in Madrid (as of an hour ago) about to start the summer term (unfortunately) after a month away in Sicily and Barcelona, with the mysterious Catalan man otherwise known on the blog as 'S'. I've already blogged a bit about Sicily, and as for Barcelona, as ever, it was lovely and I think I've managed to pick up a few more Catalan words (that's paraulas, I think - just being a showoff now - 'wow, i know 3 words, I'm fluent!'), I met some of S's extended family, who were very sweet, and made an effort to talk to me in Spanish (rather than Catalan) and avoided indiscreet questions about my odd racial background :-) My 'odd racial background' (half British, half Sudanese) isn't really that odd, but somehow you add to that 7 years in Madrid and an appearance that people don't associate with being either British or African, plus parents that live in Egypt and a lovely brother who's half Chinese, and it all gets a bit blurry. And it's hard to explain it to people without the word 'exotic' being thrown in, which just feels sooo pornstar - ewww! Don't get me wrong, I love my multiracial family, I just feel it might be easier to design a sort of calling card to give to people when I first meet them explaining everything in a short paragraph (perhaps with a neat little family tree and maps thrown in, 'Where's Sudan?' 'Near India, isn't it?!' I shouldn't mock, I'd be pushed to tell you where Pennsylvania is, or even how to spell it properly :p)
Anyway, back to school. I was actually dreading arriving in Madrid to find my house had been invaded by cockroaches and/or theives. That might sound a bit paranoid, but living in a first floor exterior flat in Lavapiés, trust me, it's possible. But, yay, no unwelcome 'guests'! Also it seems some elves had visited whilst I was away and thoroughly cleaned and decluttered the flat for me. Except, it must have been me that did it, but I just don't remember (always a nice surprise, a bit like when you find money in a an old handbag). Well, tomorrow I'm back in the office, so I should unpack and get some sleep. Good night, bona nit, buenas noches, tasbah ala kheir :-)

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