Friday, 20 March 2009

Today I'm craving...

...thai sweetcorn fritters with sweet chilli sauce. Whilst my cravings are usually savoury, occasionally I get a craving for something sweet - like the other day, when I would have killed for one of those chocolate-cornflake cakes like we used to make at school... Well, all this craving brought to mind this gross-yet-fascinating site 'Pimp that Snack' which I stumbled on a while ago. The disturbing concept behind this site is readers re-creating 'pimped up' (basically, giant) versions of their favourite snacks and posting them online. One of my 'favourites' is the Cadbury's Creme egg below, the instructional photos are terrifying. On the site, people have made giant versions of everything from Gummy Bears to Mars Bars. I'm not weird enough to do this, but if I had to pimp up a snack I think I'd make an enormous raspberry Jellybean :-)

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