Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Experimenting in the kitchen - 'asian' seabass

A while ago I said I'd like to try more asian-inspired cooking and last night I did just that. It was pretty good (the audience was appreciative ;-) and I'll definitely try it again, perhaps subtly adjusting some of the flavours - I didn't follow any recipe, but I'm sure you could find recipes similar to this in cookbooks.

Ingredients (for 2):

  • 2 fillets of sea bass

  • a piece of ginger about 2cm long, finely minced

  • a clove of garlic, finely minced (I'd use 1/2 a clove next time)

  • about 1/3 cup of coconut milk

  • generous splash oy soya sauce

  • grated rind of half a lime

  • juice of half a lime

  • spring onions, cut into julienne

  • handful of mint leaves, finely chopped (ideally though, I'd use coriander)

Next time I'd also consider adding a bit of finely chopped red chilli


Mix all the ingredients and marinade for an hour. Bake the fish and the marinade juices in the oven (covered with foil so that it steams) for around 15 minutes or until the fish is tender. I'm sure this would also work very well in a steamer or wrapped in a banana leaf or something.

Serve with rice (which I've yet to learn how to cook properly) and mango salsa - I made the mango salsa by finely dicing a mango and adding minced ginger, chopped mint, lime juice and a little honey (you wouldn't need the honey if the mango was very ripe and sweet).

I hadn't cooked with coconut milk for a long time (apart from making Piña Coladas, which strictly speaking, isn't cooking) and using it this time made me remember what a great flavour it has... Must find more ways of using it, perhaps in some sort of chicken noodle soup with lemongrass?? Hmmm...

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