Monday, 8 November 2010

Bits and bobs

I'm a wee bit stressed at the moment (in a good way). I've recently been promoted at work and I'm finishing off my old job and starting the new one and trying to do my best in both. Also I seem to have a tonne of personal bits and pieces to do - arranging my visa and jabs for my trip to Sudan in December, kidney doctor appointments here and there, friends and family that I feel I haven't paid enough attention to recently and fights with the evil telecoms company 'telef√≥nica' who seem to be intent on robbing me of every last penny I own.

Anyway, enough ranting! I just wanted to share this link (sourced via SwissMiss):
Tapi - I think this is ingenious! (no more dribbly slurping from ones hand - I know, I know, civilised peolple have glass cups for this kind of thing...)


Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!! It a work of genious. Sayda x

maria said...

Where are u, girl!? I used to really enjoy your posts in BeyondMadrid, but now your gone?!! :S xx Maria

Nadya said...

I know Maria! I've been a bit neglectful lately - promise to be back soon! xx

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