Saturday, 9 October 2010

Foodie blogbuddies and more

When I started this blog 2.5 years ago I had no idea that it would lead me to meet such nice people.

After months of reading their amusing musings, last weekend I finally got to meet fellow Madrid bloggers, Aaron of A year in the mierda, and Deb of ComoSolo. We had arranged to meet at the Bristol Bar - think English gentleman’s club (not that I’ve ever been in one); G&Ts, red velvet, bangers and mash and photos of none other than Queen Victoria – but alas, Madrid being Madrid and having wayward and unexplained opening times, it was closed. So we went for a drink elsewhere, then Deb had the fantastic idea of taking us to try what is probably the best pizza I’ve tried outside Italy. Pizza al Taglio (C/Barco 45) sells pizza by the slice, you can even choose what size slice you want. The dough is to die for – fine and crispy yet just a little chewy. The simple yet tasty toppings included parma ham and mozzarella, gorgonzola and pear, courgette and ricotta, wild mushrooms and tomato and cherry tomato and chilli. You can’t actually sit down to eat, but they have a deal going with a nearby bar where you can do so. Unfortunately this was closed, so Deb kindly invited us up to her lovely apartment for wine, music and a good laugh over certain compromising facebook photos. The staff are also charming and not entirely uneasy on the eye :p

And this weekend I had a wonderful sushi lesson with Vanessa, who I also met through the blog a few months back, and her friend Sally. We went shopping for salmon and tuna in the marvellous mercado de las maravillas (metro Alvarado) then back to Sally's for a fun day of rolling makis followed by eating them, washed down with champagne. Makes me think, writing a blog has been worth it, if only for the lovely people I've met :-)
Fish market - I couldn't help but put my finger in the shark's mouth

 Prep time
 Slicing the tuna and salmon
 Rolling the makis
Et voila!


Paola said...

I LOVE that pizza place! It's delish!

Ashleigh said...

Wow! I don't even like shusi and and I want to eat that...Great pics!

Nadya said...

Paola, I should have known you were bound to know that place ;-)

Ashleigh, making sushi was so much easier than it looked and I promise they tasted great, even if the ones I made were a little wobbly!


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog while looking for things to do as a recent transplant to Madrid.

You're sushi looks great and you've inspired me to break out of my habit of eating out all the time and get creative in the kitchen again!

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