Monday, 29 March 2010

A winey weekend

This weekend I worked, but I was also lucky enough to try some pretty nice wines and some yummy food. After near on 2 years of pretty much being teetotal (just because I felt like it) over the past 2 days I've probably tried out more (good) wine than I have in many many months.

Saturday, a friend introduced me to la cave du petit, a French wine shop specialising in 'natural wines', something which I'm sure my dining companion could explain much more eloquently than me :-) I have no idea what we drank, apart from the fact I liked it a lot (one was a sort of cloudy rose, which was just lovely and so spring like). Wine aside, the thing I liked about this place was the food - baked dorada (a member of the bream family I think), a totally juicy and flavoursome magret de pato (duck) with thyme-cented potatoes and a tatin (without the official, ahem, tart). All very good.

Sunday I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bodegas Rosell, a great little tiled bar behind Atocha station  and therefore a stone's throw from where I live. The sumiller (who was a really nice guy) brought out bottle after bottle of interesting Spanish wines, and again, was more knowledgable on the subject than I could ever hope to be. And with the wine, came food - foie with baby broad beans, wild mushrooms and other good stuff. Somewhere, between all this I managed to get some writing done.

So, are my teetotalling days over? I don't think so. This spring I'm in the mood for 'wellness', for spas, for reading, for early nights, for sorting stuff out (for just being a bit of a boring girl in general!) - though I'm sure the odd glass of wine can fit in there somehow :-)

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