Saturday, 14 November 2009

Giving hygeine the finger

A couple of posts ago I raved on about the lovely re-opened mercado de San Miguel in the centre of Madrid - a fabulous old covered market-cum-trendy-deli that had recently opened its doors to the public after being shut for years. It's excellent place to try local wine, jamon and seafood but today I also found out it was an abyssmal, and unhygeinic, place to go for juice... I went to San Miguel's juice bar, Jugosa, with a couple of friends for a healthy mid-morning juice kick only to find that they were charging 5euros for a medium sized orange juice and 12euros for smoothies! Truly ridiculous prices, especially bearing in mind this is a take away joint, so they can't try to justify their tariffs by claiming you get to sit on antique chairs or listen to live jazz as you sup their mediocre offerings. Anyways, after balking at such extraordinary prices for such average juice I dedided to plump for a bowl of 'courgette curry and orange soup' - sounded tasty I thought. Yes, tasty, that is, if you like the flavour of human fingers. The girl working there heated up the soup in front of me in a large tureen and shamelessly dipped her bare fingers into it to the test the temperature not one, not two, but three times. Truly gross. She then ladelled it into a bowl and lo and behold, despite practically bathing in it for me to make sure it was hot enough, it was barely tepid (and completely devoid of taste). Needless to say I returned it and got a 3.50euro thimble of orange juice instead. Not returning to Jugosa, ever. As usual, customer is caca (and so are fingers!)

And as if one unfortunate finger-related incident weren't enough for the week, there was another! I visited the doctor on Wednesday about some lady-related issues and I can only thank the Lord that I just needed to pick up a prescription and nothing more involved - as instead of the very sweet gynaecologist I saw last time there was a lady with perhaps the filthiest hands and fingernails I have ever seen on a woman, and especially a doctor of that kind. People please, get some soap.

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