Friday, 31 July 2009

Have I joined a cult?

No I haven't joined a cult, but yes I have been complaining a bit myself this week (with reason some might say), which is perhaps why I ought to get myself one of these 'Complaint free world' wristbands. Apparently the idea is that every time you hear yourself complain you swap the wristband to the other arm to stop yourself (maybe it would be more effective to sharply ping your wrist with this rubber band, using Pavlovian methods to stop your incessant moaning!), and in fact complaining whilst wearing the bracelet isn't allowed unless you propose at least one solution to the problem whilst you moan about it. I ask myself, if there's a genuine problem, why not complain though? Well, I think it's healthy to get things of your chest, not bottle it all up, but at the same time to look for ways to solve the problem, and certainly not continue to moan at all and sundry about the same issue continually... as it gets quite draining for both you and whoever's listening. Let's see how long I can go without a single complaint ;-)

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