Monday, 1 June 2009

Waiting for Amazon

For some reason awaiting a parcel from Amazon is something I find incredibly exciting. Not sure why... it might be the joy of receiving books in my own language (English, in case anyone was wondering) that I can't get so easily here in Spain? Is it perhaps because I forget that I've placed an order and a few weeks later I get this 'present' in the post from a 'mystery friend' that makes the experience somehow superior to going into a bookshop and buying books on the spot? Or maybe it's because I get them to deliver to the office, and a stressful or monotonous working day gets broken up with this pleasant 'surprise'?? Who knows, I'm obviously very easily pleased... Well I'm currently awaiting my latest batch of books from Amazon - this time on sushi, something which I keep harping on about making but always tell myself will be near-impossible to do without a 10-year training apprenticeship in Japan. So why bother? Because I love it, but risk bankrupting myself - and others :-) - if I insist on eating it everyday. Plus it's good for you, which is so in keeping with the new and healthy(ish) me. I've also ordered a bamboo mat for rolling maki; so once the books arrive all I'll need is to make a trip to the local Japanese supermarket for supplies, sharpen my knives (can you really do that with a leather belt?) and await the rice-cooker that I'm sure someone will by me for my birthday ;-) (no pressure to buy me a rice-cooker by the way)

In the meantime I could amuse myself and stave of the cravings by buying a set of these miniature sets of 'toy' sushi from re-ment (the photo above isn't actually real food). At times like this, knowing Japanese would really be a bonus, as I'm completely incapable of navigating the site. I don't know if these are toys or collectibles, but I like them in the kind of geeky way that I like Lego or origami.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to trying all that Sushi!

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