Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Urban Picnic Boxes

OK, this is a bit of a moany post, more of a rant perhaps. What to eat at work is the bain of my life. The other day for the example, I was actually forced between choosing cauliflower and mayonnaise or boiled chard for a starter, follewed by lentils swimming in lard or hot dogs for the main (I chose caulflower then hot dogs). The alternative would be making a packed lunch to bring from home and eat at my desk, but I don't want to be the unfriendly English person who eats alone whilst doing one-finger typing, plus over the past few years I've actually got used to lunch with colleagues being a sort of semi-social event. And then what does one take for packed lunch? Sandwiches? Everyday? Last night's leftover pasta? Anyway, this london-based company have a great solution: for 6 pounds (no more than my yucky 8.75 menu-del-dia with today's exchange rates) you get a delicious bento-style lunch box based on the cuisine of a different country each day of the week (Morrocan, Italian, Japanese etc). I love it and would no doubt be obese if I lived in London. It's also 11.50 and I'm very hungry which is why I'm writing about food.

You can look at the ridiculuosly delicious menus here: http://www.up-box.co.uk/menus.html

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