Thursday, 5 June 2008

A few bad days

Went back to the specialist yesterday, who (obviously) said I'm not making great progress. They're going to put a weight in my eyelid to help it close, and botox (in my good side) to even me out out a bit. Theyre also sending me for an electromyograph to see what sort of state the nerve is in. What was meant to be a temporary condition that everyone recovers from in a couple of weeks is turning into a nightmare.

My Sudanese grandma died a couple of days ago, it's very sad but not entirely unexpected. Going out there for the funeral wasn't an option, as they bury you within 24 hours of death.
On a brighter note, dad is coming from Egypt to stay on 10th June which will be really nice and will force me to get out of the house and show him the sites. And it might be nice for him to have some time out after his mother dying.

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